Whitefly - Learn more about the "New Pest" in South Florida.
A new pest has infested south Florida: the whitefly. These little creatures develop rapidly in warm weather, making Florida an ideal climate. When the weather is warm and natural predators are destroyed or curtailed, whitefly populations can very quickly get out of control, causing severe damage to plant life. Click here to read more...


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One of the best ways to invest in your home is to invest in a good pest control company. You want to keep your home pest free and it is going to take more than purchasing DIY pest control products to get rid of any pests. Living in South Florida, there are many different types of insects that like to invade your home and make living there hazardous to your health. These pests include bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches and rats. Once these critters infest your home, it can be quite challenging for you to get rid of them. Using a reputable pest control company to make your home pest free and keep it that way, will allow you to sleep easily at night.







Extra Mile Pest Control And Lawn Solution

Our Competitors

Quality Of Products

Only premium commercial quality pest control products.

In order to bid a lower price, lower quality products.

Water Down Solutions

We never ever dilute our products. We follow restrict rules by the label recommendation so the application becomes effective in eliminating the pest problem.

Highly watered down products. The problem is never solved and the customer keeps calling the pest control company again and again.

First Class Knowledge About The Pest Problem

We are highly trained and licensed/certified to know precisely the application rates that each square foot of your lawns, ornamentals, trees and palms require. Apply more than necessary and the plant can be killed. Apply less and the problem is not solved.

Most of our competitors don't know the proper rate specifications that each plant requires. They apply the product equally and indiscriminately. That's the reason they are not effective.

Proper Soil Preparation

One of the secrets of successful a pest control treatment is the amount of attention given to proper soil preparation. For instance, we use proprietary techniques to prepare the soil so it increases the intake absorption and the breakdown of the pest control products. And that's one of the reasons our treatments last longer and have better results.

Rarely our competitors take the time to properly prepare the soil (the main secret). They simply apply a diluted product to an unprepared soil.

Experience In Dealing With Pest Control New Challenges

I have over 15 Years Of Experience doing one thing: constantly updating my skills in the Pest Control industry. That's my passion. My specialties: Lawn, Ornamentals, Trees and Palm. Because I constantly upgrade my skills my company is amongst the very few who can treat the new type of epidemic problem that is infesting South Florida: the new Whitefly.

Just read this article: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg254

Most of our competitors are still using 1980's techniques hoping to solve a very recent epidemic problem.